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Thru 8 Games

NCSU Offense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Offense126.6 yds72-10Passing Offense172 yds89+5Total Offense298.6 yds95+1Scoring Offense18.5 pts97-7

NCSU Defense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Defense142.75 yds71+6Passing Defense160.25 yds18+5Total Defense303 yds40+3Scoring Defense20.9 pts52+7

118th in turnover margin (-1.25)...right ahead of the Tar Heels. I'm convinced that the following play will inevitably occur during the State/Carolina game: a player on one team picks off a pass, only to fumble the ball back to the other team during the return.

Only one team in the nation has fewer takeaways than we do: Fresno State. Freakin' Louisiana-Monroe has 25 turnovers gained, and we're stuck on six. Why do you torture us so, football gods? I beseech you! What have we done to deserve such a paucity of takeaways?