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Trestman's System Peaked In Its Very First Game

I don't mean to pile on Marc Trestman with this, because I'm not sure he deserves all the criticism he's getting, but I was thinking about his system after the game yesterday and it occurred to me that the offense has never looked better than it did in the 2005 opener against Virginia Tech. NC State piled up over 400 total yards against a Hokies defense that would finish the year ranked #1 in total defense.

The Pack's first possession of the game--and Trestman's first series calling plays in college--was a fantastic 14 play, 83 yard drive that ate up six minutes and was capped by a 25-yard Darrell Blackman touchdown run. Though we ended up losing, I remember being excited about the offense's marked improvement.

I spent the rest of 2005 wondering where that offense went. Now we're two-thirds through 2006 and I'm still wondering.

2005 OpponentTotal Offense (yds)Pts ScoredOpp Total Def RankVirginia Tech438161EKU (I-AA)47554n\aUNC2702442Georgia Tech2861722Clemson2671020Wake Forest3031969Southern Miss4252173Florida State2812014Middle Tenn State2382428Boston College3061016Maryland1862043South Florida 3001417

2006 OpponentTotal Offense (yds)Pts ScoredOpp Total Def RankApp State (I-AA)24223n/aAkron2901763Southern Miss2741772Boston College3201745Florida State3402416Wake Forest3342348Maryland2992083Virginia290721