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An Updated Look At NC State's Offensive Tendencies

You might remember this post from a few weeks ago, in which I examined each ACC team's yards/pass attempt and yards/rush attempt numbers and found that only NC State was averaging more yardage per rush than per pass. Since then, NC State has played three more games, so here's an update (with Clemson included just for the hell of it):

TeamAdj Pass AttAdj Yds/PaAdj Rush AttAdj Yds/RuNC State2335.11874.8Clemson2207.02986.8

Not surprisingly, the passing game has shown improvement with Evans under center, and we've now at least got the yards per attempt above five. NC State passed the ball 58.2% of the time over the first four games and 52.1% over the last three.

While we have run the ball more (as I'd hoped we would) lately, the additional carries have gone to Toney Baker:

Carries/Game -- First Four Games

Baker: 9.3
Brown: 11

Carries/Game -- Last Three Games

Baker: 15
Brown: 12