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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 12

RankTeamDelta1Ohio State-- 2Michigan-- 3Southern Cal 4 4Florida 1 5Arkansas 10 6Rutgers 11 7LSU 2 8Louisville 4 9West Virginia 3 10Texas 4 11Notre Dame 2 12California 4 13Oklahoma 2 14Georgia Tech-- 15Wisconsin 1 16Tennessee 6 17Brigham Young 3 18Wake Forest 4 19Auburn 14 20Boston College 3 21Virginia Tech 3 22Nebraska 4 23Maryland 1 24Clemson 5 25Boise State--
Dropped Out: Oregon (#21).

Games Watched: NC State vs. Clemson, Miami vs. Maryland, South Carolina vs. Florida, Wake vs. FSU, Tennessee vs. Arkansas, Georgia Tech vs. UNC


-- Arkansas is one of those teams that I haven't liked very much, and I'm not even sure why. I'd have to be Nutts to keep the Razorbacks out of the top ten after they handled Tennessee.

-- I'm not sure what's up with Clemson; theirs was the most underwhelming performance of the weekend (that I saw). They look a lot better on paper. What once appeared to be the obvious class of the conference now looks as middling as everyone else.

-- Am I being too hard on Notre Dame? I haven't been able to convince myself that the Irish are better than the teams I have ahead of them, so they remain outside the top ten.