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Clampin' Down

Here is the official box score again.

NC StateFour FactorsPercenteFG70.7Turnover Rate30.4Off Reb Rate27.8FTM/FGA12.2

Delaware StateFour FactorsPercenteFG38.3Turnover Rate23.2Off Reb Rate32.3FTM/FGA14.9

-- The Pack's efficiency was hurt by a terrible TO%, but when you shoot as well as we did, everything else tends to be secondary. Delware State's interior defense was as bad as expected: NC State shot 71.4% from inside the three point line.

-- Ignore the rebounding margin in the box score; NC State was +3 because it had a lot more opportunities to grab defensive rebounds, which are easier to get. Delaware State's offensive and defensive rebounding percentages were a little bit better than ours, and that means they out-rebounded us.

-- Roy Bright an Jahsha Bluntt combined to shoot 7-29 from the field, 4-17 from three. Without those guys shooting well, the Hornets had no prayer.

-- The box score says Gavin played 35 minutes without a single rebound. Never thought I would see that. He must have spent a lot of time playing defense on the perimeter.

-- Brandon Costner got most of the work: he used 29.4% of the team's possessions and took 33.4% of the team's shots while he was on the court.

-- Through two games, 30.5% of NC State's field goal attempts have been threes--that's down 15% from last season.

-- Turnovers were a problem for everyone:

 Player TO%
1.) Atsur 20.0
2.) Costner 20.7
3.) Grant 26.3
4.) Nieman 32.0
5.) Horner 32.7
6.) Fells 33.0
7.) McCauley 38.6