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The Gavin Grant Show

Official box score (pdf).

NC StateFour FactorsPercenteFG51.7Turnover Rate13.9Off Reb Rate25.7FTM/FGA28.8

ValpoFour FactorsPercenteFG44.2Turnover Rate18.0Off Reb Rate23.3FTM/FGA18.3

We out-rebounded somebody! But NC State hasn't had an offensive rebounding percentage above 28% in any game so far...that does not bode well.

Gavin went for 25 and 12, but he wasn't efficient in doing so; his offensive rating for the game was 97. He used 32.2% of the team's possessions, though, which is a huge chunk. Any time you use that many possessions, it's gonna put a dent in your efficiency. The key for Gavin is finding the right balance: at what usage does he maximize the team's efficiency? It's not at 30+ percent, I can tell you that much.

Brandon Costner has shot well in two consecutive games: he was 5-5 from inside the arc against Valpo and finished with an impressive O Rtg (118).