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I never wanted too much.

Four-and-8, 3-9, what's the difference? It's bigger than you'd think. Every week, I tell myself it doesn't matter. We aren't going to a bowl game regardless. But when I watch the game, I can't help but get emotionally invested. I mean, we actually scored in the first quarter, man! There's hope! We could win!

But Marc Trestman couldn't score 25 points at the junior varsity difficulty level on NCAA 2007. So we don't win.

I don't know how to deal with this; I don't. Seven losses in a say that it's frustrating is to point out that the sky is blue. Yeah, and...?

I'm beyond frustration, I'm beyond anger. I'm just sad.




Ugh. I got nothin' left. You're fired, Chuck. Thanks for the embarrassment.