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Liveblog! NC State @ Clemson -- First Half

[12:02PM] "NC State! And Clemp-SON!" Honestly, this Brooks & Dunn thing is the worst football intro ever.

[12:09PM] Hogewood's talking about Gaines Adams, who is probably going to be in Daniel Evans' ear all afternoon. I'm not sure how we're going to score more than 10-13 on these guys.

[12:12PM] Clemson defers, Pack gets the ball to start. Toney Baker gets about 7 on the first play.

[12:14PM] 3rd-and-2. Run? Pass? Call timeout! Call timeout! Too many options!

[12:17PM] This is exactly the situation in which we've been able to do nothing over the last two years. We're awful in 3rd-and-short. But not on this one! Trestman goes with my favorite running play, and Andre Brown goes for 12 yards.

[12:20PM] Couldn't convert the next third down. At least we were able to move the ball near midfield before having to, and Deraney killed the ball, and the Clemson returner caught it inside the five for some reason.

[12:22PM] Good work by the Pack on Clemson's first two offensive plays. It's a passing down, and this is what we want.

[12:25PM] Clemson punts and I have no idea how we missed blocking it. Then Blackman drops it at midfield, costing us probably 15 yards of field position.

[12:27PM] Pack converts another short 3rd down with a run. Baker is stopped for nothing on the subsequent first down, so it's passing time.

[12:28PM] Actually, it's timeout time. Again.

[12:32PM] Jamelle Eugene drops a screen pass that looks to have gotten the first down...Evans probably threw it a little too hard. Good field position squandered, Wolfpack punts again.

[12:33PM] Clemson still not getting much with Davis/Spiller, but Proctor runs for 9 yards. That hurts.

[12:36PM] Will Proctor overthrows a receiver on 3rd down again, so the Tigers will punt. I'm pleasantly surprised at how we're stopping the run so far.

[12:42PM] Absolutely nada from the passing game today. That was looking promising before Blackman's end around.

[12:43PM] We just took our third timeout. I guess we're really, really trying to get some points in the first quarter.

[12:45PM] Spiller with a run, and we're officially scoreless in the opening quarter.

[12:47PM] Every week, I'm like, "why am I DVRing this? Even if we win, I'm not going to want to watch it again."

[12:49PM] The Carolina game looks like it's being filmed with your uncle's camcorder.

[12:50PM] Andre Brown with some sort of neck injury, done for the afternoon. Does this mean Chuck is mad at him again?

[12:53PM] That was a scary throw by Evans. Third down...another incompletion. I think Evans is 1-7.

[12:54PM] Deraney booms another one, which Spiller muffs into the endzone. Thanks, CJ.

[12:56PM] Dang...Clemson runs a reverse and we almost had 'em in the backfield.

[12:58PM] Well, they're not pinned anymore. Run, run, run.

[1:03PM] CJ Spiller never ceases to amaze. How does he get around those guys at the corner? He crazy fast.

[1:07PM] What do you say we do something this possession, fellas?

[1:08PM] Andre Brown's back after supposedly being out for the game.

[1:10PM] Evans hits Anthony Hill to convert an important third down. And there's a completion to Lamart Barrett. Now we're talkin'.

[1:12PM] Another huge 3rd down forthcoming...and Baker's got the yardage we need. 1st-and-goal.

[1:14PM] Two runs from the three get nothing. Pitch to Brown gets the ball to the six-inch line.

[1:15PM] Brown's 3rd-down run is under official review.

[1:18PM] Baker gets stuffed, but Clemson was offsides. It doesn't matter--Evans gets nothing on the sneak. Typical.

[1:20PM] Let's review. Four attempts up the middle: nothing. One pitch to the outside: 2.5 yard gain. You'd think, after Baker was stuffed, that we wouldn't go there again, even with a sneak.

[1:24PM] Whew. We really needed that turnover.

[1:25PM] You just have to laugh. We do nothing but blow our opportunities.

[1:27PM] Hey! It's a turnover extravaganza!

[1:31PM] Halftime, 7-0 Clemson.