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Liveblog! NC State @ Clemson -- Second Half

[1:40PM] I'd be feeling pretty good if it were 7-7 right now. We've run the ball well, the defense has been good, and there haven't been any penalties.

[1:52PM] Evans: 4-12, 27 yards, INT. Baker: 20(!) carries, 118 yards.

[1:53PM] Amato told the team "something good will happen." By which he meant Clemson would nearly return the kickoff for a touchdown.

[1:54PM] Touchdown Clemson. That was easy.

[1:58PM] I come for the Doc Walker analysis, but I stay for the Brooks & Dunn pimpage.

[2:01PM] Baker's been unbelievable today. He tripped on his last run, though, putting us in third and short. Evans just got crushed, but it's a first down!

[2:02PM] With the way Toney is running, this has got to be the most effective we've been on first down all season. Yet we still can't score any points.

[2:05PM] Timeout Wolfpack. We went a whole six minutes without one this time. What is up with this today?

[2:08PM] Great job by Evans there. Baker takes the screen pass to the ten.

[2:10PM] And we're down to the six-inch line again. Hilarious.

[2:11PM] TD TB. He deserves it.

[2:14PM] Deraney kicks the ball out of bounds. We take two steps forward and one step back. Always one step back.

[2:16PM] Willie Young!!!!!!! Tie game!

[2:18PM] Great coverage on the kickoff. Let's get a stop, D!

[2:22PM] Clemson converts a third down. We couldn't hold them despite a sack on the series.

[2:26PM] James Davis with only 13 yards today.

[2:28PM] Chain gang comes out to measure for the second play in a row. This game feels interminably long even with all the running plays.

[2:32PM] Proctor misfires downfield, but then James Davis doubles his rushing yardage with a 15-yard run. Don't think we'll be tied for much longer.

[2:36PM] Finally, a stop. Clemson will have to kick the field goal. The good news: Baker will be well-rested.

[2:41PM] Clemson personal foul, they kickoff from the 20. Tigers drive was 16 plays, 7+ minutes. Blackman takes the kick across the 50!

[2:43PM] I swear, sometimes it feels like there aren't any other downs than third down.

[2:45PM] Three-and-out for the Pack, so the defense has to go right back onto the field.

[2:50PM] Three-and-out for Clemson, Pack has the ball at its own 40. Catch the ball before you run with it, receivers.

[2:52PM] More success on first down. Today it seems to be second down that's killin' us.

[2:55PM] Three straight runs and it's fourth down. Couldn't we try a little play action? But hang on! Clemson's offsides, first down Wolfpack. Raining hard now.

[2:57PM] Screen pass would have probably worked for the first down if Kalani Heppe hadn't totally whiffed on his block. That was a comically bad play by Heppe.

[3:01PM] Spiller stuffed on first down, but Clemson gets out of trouble with a throw to Stuckey. That was big.

[3:04PM] Timeout Clemson; they've got 3rd-and-8 and there is about 5:30 left...

[3:06PM] Well, I appreciate Clemson stopping the clock for us.

[3:09PM] Third down again. Come on, defense.

[3:11PM] I love how clueless Martin and Walker are. We just had a play where it was possibly a fumble, then the officials blow the clock dead, and Martin says, "We have another timeout on the field. Let's see who called this one."

[3:12PM] Ninety yards to get, three minutes in which to get 'em.

[3:14PM] Tipped pass is intercepted. That's how it goes for us. Sigh.

[3:16PM] Holding on Clemson gives them second and long. Maybe we'll get another shot.

[3:20PM] Wolfpack stops the clock with 1:11 left. Clemson has to settle for a field goal attempt.

[3:22PM] Dean hits the FG. We'll need some help by the kickoff return. If ever there were a time, Darrell...

[3:27PM] "One play away," as it were.