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NC State 92, Wofford 88

NC StateFour FactorsPercenteFG60.2Turnover Rate12.2Off Reb Rate27.3FTM/FGA23.4

WoffordFour FactorsPercenteFG60.9Turnover Rate17.6Off Reb Rate33.3FTM/FGA5.8

-- Well, needless to say, this doesn't portend good things for us defensively. Eighty-eight points for Wofford on 74 possessions is an offensive efficiency of 119. Only one NC State opponent eclipsed that number last season (Carolina in the RBC Center), and we were by no means a good defensive team last year.

-- Gavin took 25% of the team's shots overall, 29% of the team's shots while on the court. He used a team-leading 26.2% of the possessions. His O Rtg for the game was only 92.5.

-- Only Dennis Horner had a TO% higher than 20 (and the only reason Horner's number is high is because he used so few possessions; he had but one turnover), so everyone did a good job of conserving possessions.

-- Atsur and McCauley combined to score 50 points on 27 shots--that's efficiency. Big Ben has scored at least 18 points in every game so far; if he can consistently score ~15 PPG this year, we'll be that much better. McCauley/Simmons would have been a formidable tandem in the low blocks; we know Simmons was an efficient scorer, and Ben is looking like one as well.

-- In the last season (2001) before the perimeter-oriented offense was installed, about 28% of our field goal attempts were threes. In every year since, that number has been over 40% (and among the highest proportions in the nation). Including the two exhibition games this season, 34.9% of our attempts have been threes. (By the way, it's a good thing I keep my own records, because the only stats available in's "archive" are 2006's.)

-- Just an aside: The Pfeiffer/UNC exhibition game had 108 possessions. That is freakin' absurd. And it means that Pfeiffer, despite scoring 101 points, averaged less than a point per possession. The Heels may be on a whole different level pace-wise this season--they have the athletes to pull it off, that's fer sure. Running with them is a fool's errand. The Maryland/UNC game will be interesting if only for the tempo (the Terps are also one of the fastest teams in the country).