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Poor Army

That second quarter really went south fast. Holy turnover. Just look at the play-by-play.

-- Air Force goes ahead 14-0 with about 12:30 left in the half. On the third play of Army's ensuing possession, AFA picks off a pass and returns it to the one yard line, eventually scoring a TD. 21-0.

-- On the kickoff after that TD, Army's return man fumbles the ball at the goal line and gets tackled in the endzone for a safety. Army then kicks off from its 20, and Air Force proceeds to drive right back down the field for a score. It's 30-0.

-- On the first play of Army's next possession, quarterback Carson Williams throws another INT. A few plays later, AFA is in the endzone again. 36-0.

-- AFA kicks off...and, again!, on the first play of its possession, Army throws an interception. Army's QB has thrown an INT on each of his last three attempts. First play after the pick: Air Force connects on a deep TD pass. 43-0.

-- Army gets the ball back, decides it's prolly a good idea to keep it on the ground, kills the remaining time in the first half. Air Force scored 36 points in the second quarter.