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Thru 9 Games

NCSU Offense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Offense119 yds83-11Passing Offense182.9 yds78+11Total Offense301.9 yds94+1Scoring Offense19 pts92+5

NCSU Defense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Defense148.44 yds76-5Passing Defense166.33 yds26-8Total Defense314.8 yds48-8Scoring Defense22 pts62-10

We're up to 111th (-.89) in turnover margin after the +2 against Georgia Tech. Here are the schools with fewer than 10 takeaways at this point:

Fresno State (5)
Eastern Mich (8)
NC State (8)
Colo St. (9)
UNC (9)

How tough is Fresno State's luck? Even though the Bulldogs are actually quite secure with the ball--there are only three schools that've turned the ball over fewer times than they have--they're ranked 104th in turnover margin.