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Thursday Items: New Opponent Added To Future Football Sked

-- Oklahoma State has been added to the 2014/2015 football schedules (hat tip to Georgia Sports for the link):

OSU associate athletic director Dave Martin, who oversees football scheduling, also has secured nonconference meetings with Arizona (2011 in Stillwater, 2012 in Tucson), North Carolina State (2014 in Raleigh, 2015 in Stillwater) and Clemson (2017 in Clemson, S.C.; 2018 in Stillwater).

-- The Charleston Post and Courier ranks the ACC's offensive coordinators; Trestman is 8th.

In a season-and-a-half, Trestman hasn't provided the expected spark to the Wolfpack's offense. This team can't run the ball consistently, and it can't seem to figure out its identity.

-- The women's cross country team picked up a big recruit:

The signing marked the end of a long recruiting process for Wetherbee, who traveled the nation throughout the fall visiting some of the country's top cross-country programs. In the end the decision came down to NC State and Boston College, with the 'Pack's recent success and Raleigh's warmer climate winning out.

"I know they have about equal programs, but the girls at NC State seemed to have more of a focus," says Wetherbee, who was glad to put the process behind her.

So, too, did the softball team:

Campana, a former Tribune County Prep Softball Player of the Year who also set five school records at Cuesta, won’t join North Caroline State until next fall but plans to redshirt this season and will not be involved in Cuesta’s program this spring.

The hope, she said, is to have three years of eligibility available to be the ace for a Wolfpack team that won the 2006 Atlantic Coast Conference title. Until then, staying in shape is a concern.

-- I was sifting through Google's blog search the other day and discovered that Wofford senior forward Matt O'Connor has a blog.

NC State is definitely beatable, they have a few injuries and are down to just about 6 guys that play, one being a walk-on. If we run them up and down the court, we have a legitament chance to get our first win of the season.

Hopefully he'll post something after the game; I'd be interested in his perspective.