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Cincinnati 80, NC State 71

Box Score

NC StateFour FactorseFG62.7Turnover Rate40.5Off Reb Rate38.5FTM/FGA13.7CincinnatiFour FactorseFG48.6Turnover Rate15.2Off Reb Rate28.2FTM/FGA18.8

-- How do you manage to score less than a point per possession despite shooting 62.7% and grabbing 38.5% of your misses? Turn the ball over four out of every 10 times down the court. There've been five other games this season in which we've had a shooting percentage comparable (~60%) to what we had today. Our average offensive efficiency in those five games is 119.3. Our offensive efficiency today was 89.8. It really hurts to squander the kind of shooting day we had. For once, I'm glad I don't get ESPNU.

-- Because of the turnover discrepancy, Cincinnati had the advantage of 20 extra possessions, yet still the game was tight heading into the last four minutes. Points off turnovers: Bearcats 32, Wolfpack 9.

-- I knew these would be fun--here are the individual numbers, sorted by turnover percentage.

 Player TO% %Poss ORtg

1) Grant 54.6 24.4 61.9
2) Costner 47.0 27.9 68.5
3) Ferguson 45.9 12.2 97
4) McCauley 31.8 25.1 107.1
5) Fells 27.3 19.0 81.0
6) Horner 27.3 12.0 135.8

-- This is probably my last post until after Christmas. I'll be back Wednesday or Thursday with a preview of the ECU game and part two of my football season recap. Happy holidays, y'all.