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Individual Stats Fresh From The Oven

Individual player statistics for the current season are now available. See the Wolfpack's stats here.

Check out how good Kyle Visser has been so far this year. Who knew?

Army's Jarell Brown is taking 46.4% of his team's shots while he's on the court.

Told you Mamadi Diane was on fire. He's fourth in the nation in effective field goal percentage (data does not include Sunday's game, though). Engin Atsur is seventh.

South Florida's Solomon Bozeman has 21 field goal attempts and 40 free throw attempts. One-point-nine FTA per FGA.

Greg Paulus' turnover rate is... yikes. Forty-three percent! He's the human possession-thrower-awayer! Six-point-two TO per 40 minutes.

Behold John Oates' unfortunate stat line. The man is 6-10 and can't even crack a 2.0 offensive rebounding percentage. And can someone explain to me why it's Tyrese Rice--not Jared Dudley, not Sean Marshall--leading the team in usage and %Shots?

Siena transfer Jack McClinton is playing really well for the Hurricanes.

Carolina's three super freshmen: all with offensive ratings over 110. Disgusting.

Here is West Virginia. I'll have my game preview up on Tuesday.