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Maybe you should dribble away from that guy.

Some random notes:

-- Boston College's Sean Williams has 37 blocks in 190 minutes this season: 7.8 blocks/40 minutes. The ACC's most prolific shot blocker in 2006 was Shelden Williams, who averaged 4.6 blks/40. The only problem with Sean Williams is that he may be looking for the block too much. The Landlord blocked shots while also posting good rebounding percentages; Sean Williams' rebounding numbers are terrible.

-- Duke is playing at a pace that is about six possessions/game slower than last season. There has been some fretting in Durham about the offense, but it really hasn't been bad. Not what they're used to, but not bad. The Blue Devils do everything reasonably well--they just can't seem to protect the basketball (I wonder why (*cough* Paulus *cough*) that is?).

-- In keeping with SFN's Ben McCauley theme today:

Ben McCauley, N.C. State: With Cedric Simmons leaving early for the NBA and Andrew Brackman concentrating on baseball, North Carolina State needed 6-9 sophomore center Ben McCauley to help solidify its frontcourt . First, the Wolfpack needed him to stay. Herb Sendek's departure to Arizona State had McCauley considering his options.

"I was kind of in an undecided state," McCauley said.

The hiring of Sidney Lowe reassured McCauley, who's averaging 14 points and 5.4 rebounds playing alongside heralded redshirt freshman Brandon Costner.