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NC State 74, Savannah State 53

Box Score

NC StateFour FactorseFG59.8Turnover Rate17.7Off Reb Rate14.3FTM/FGA61.0Savannah StateFour FactorseFG48.1Turnover Rate27.4Off Reb Rate25.8FTM/FGA5.8

-- This is the sort of balance that I'd much prefer to see:

 Player %Poss O Rtg

1) Grant 25.6 130.0
2) McCauley 24.8 122.0
3) Costner 23.2 139.8
McCauley needs to be taking more of Grant's possessions on a regular basis. Up to this point in the season, Ben has only used an average (~20%) proportion of possessions, but I think it's becoming evident that he can handle more. He shoots the ball well, he doesn't turn it over, and he has a decent assist rate, which means he isn't a black hole in the post from which the ball never returns. That's a guy who needs to have his hands on it more often.

-- Savannah State's offensive efficiency for the game was 85.3, and while that's not very good, it is well above their season average of 73.9. Thanks to this performance, the Tigers no longer have the least-efficient offense in the nation (that honor now belongs to North Florida). NC State ranks 10th in the ACC in defensive efficiency, ahead of only Georgia Tech and Wake Forest. If we dip below the Deacons, then we'll know we've got problems.