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Clemson 87, NC State 76

Box Score

NC StateFour FactorseFG%63.2Turnover Rate25.3Off Reb Rate26.9FTM/FGA17.0ClemsonFour FactorseFG%63.5Turnover Rate11.9Off Reb Rate37.5FTM/FGA11.1

-- ...and the defense has reached a new low. Clemson scored 87 points on 67 possessions for an offensive efficiency of 129.5. That's the highest mark an opposing team has posted against NC State this season. The Tigers have actually bettered that number in two other games this season.

-- So, yeah. Not a lot to talk about that's not been mentioned previously and repeatedly in this space. I harped on rebounding and we proved to not be up to that challenge, but who cares? It's our so-called perimeter defense--which granted the Tigers numerous open looks and didn't much seem to care--that cost us whatever shot we had at winning tonight.

-- Individual numbers:

Player ORtg eFG% TO%

Horner 212.3 108.3 0.0
McCauley 136.7 66.7 19.3
Grant 108.9 83.3 37.5
Costner 91.7 34.4 15.6
Fells 65.5 44.4 36.3

I left Ferguson out because he used a mere 3.9% of the team's possessions while he was on the court. There's uninvolved and then there's what Trevor was tonight. Sidney Lowe could prop a cardboard cutout of Engin Atsur in the corner and Cardboard Engin would finish the game with a higher usage.

Although Gavin continues to frustrate with the turnovers, it is at least comforting to see him shoot well. He's shot over 60% in two straight games.