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Fifty Percent...But Improving

This from the Rocky Mount Telegram:

N.C. State point guard Engin Atsur returned to the court Saturday during the Wolfpack's 71-58 loss to Virginia and, during 32 minutes, played well enough to impress Lowe. Atsur finished with nine points, three assists, two steals and one rebounds.

Atsur has missed nine games during December and January because of injury, then missed four more earlier this month because of a pulled hamstring. Lowe said Atsur might have played hesitantly Saturday because of his still-healing injury.

"I think he thought about it, and that's kind of normal, I guess. I think he was a little worried about it," Lowe said. "But the fact that he was out with his teammates, that he wanted to be there, says a lot about him."

Lowe said Atsur was "probably 50 percent," and, with any luck, would be healthier when the Wolfpack travels Wednesday to Virginia Tech.

I'm hoping we see Engin more involved in the offense against Tech, because as much as we need his steady hand distributing the ball, frankly, we also need him to take some shots away from Courtney Fells. Before the hamstring injury, Atsur was taking about 12 shots per 40 minutes; in the two games he's played in post-hammy-pully, he's taking 7 shots/40. I'd prefer to see Fells, who's taking 12 FGA/40 min in ACC play, take fewer shots--and better shots--and ease into the secondary role that better suits him at this stage of his career. But I'm not sure he has any interest in that.