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Liveblog! NC State @ Virginia Tech -- Second Half

[9:55PM] Unofficially, we've got NC State shooting 52% (that's eFG of course) and Tech shooting 39.7%. And yet we are up a mere two points. Not good.

Dowdell has 11 for Tech, McCauley has 12 for the Wolfpack.

[10:01PM] Virginia Tech had just 3 turnovers in the first half...

[10:06PM] Dowdell ties the game on Tech's first possession of the second half. McCauley gets our lead right back with a beautiful left handed shot.

Gordon misses off the glass...Ben rebounds. Fells bricketh a shoteth againeth.

[10:08PM] Ahhh, a jumpshooter. How nice it is to have one. Atsur with his third three. Tech's heating up at the offensive end--they've scored on three of four possessions.

Atsur misses a three, Deron Washington gets a nice bounce to give Tech the lead for the first time tonight. Gavin then with a well-timed bad three pointer, which he misses, natch.

[10:11PM] Sweet, sweet alcohol.

[10:13PM] McCauley gets fouled and hits the shot! He is playing some ball, peeps. Misses the FT, but he's 8-10 from the field.

[10:15PM] Whew. Dodged a couple of bullets there...Dowdell missed a short one, Tech got the offensive board, then Dowdell missed an open three pointer. Pack ball up six.

Not a good shot by Atsur there.

[10:20PM] Muskier Salsa gets a bucket for Tech. Gavin drives and gets those points right back. This doesn't make up for the end of the first half, Gavin!

Gavin with two more, once again putting us back up six. Salsa scores with a quickness at the other end...I can't believe that just happened. Six straight points for Gavin.

[10:22PM] Horner called for another foul before the TV timeout, apparently. He's like channeling Kenny Inge.

[10:25PM] [NC State player] takes a charge. Who, you ask? Why, I have no idea--Fox Sports wasn't showing the action at the time.

McCauley takes the worst shot in college hoops and misses, but there's an offensive rebound and another Gavin Grant score. Washington scores quickly at the other end.

Fells travels.

[10:27PM] Atsur misses a three, but Tech hits it out of bounds, so that's a break. Gavin gets fouled...he's everywhere this half.

[10:28PM] Hogewood says Atsur is resting for the first time...this is not true. He went out in the first half when Nieman/Fergy were in at the same time. Jeez, I'm intoxicated and I know that. What's your excuse, Mike?

[10:29PM] Coleman Collins misses two FTs. Gracias. Awful pass by Courtney Fells results in a Wolfpack turnover. Foul on NC State, we're under eight.

[10:31PM] Coming up next! West coast basketball that no one cares about!

[10:33PM] They shared the candy.

[10:34PM] Dowdell gets one of two from the line, Costner is fouled by Vassallo. It's gettin' to nervous time. BC gets the first free throw...and the second. Up eight.

[10:35PM] Muskier Salsa has ignited the team, according to Cliff Ellis. Come on now.

[10:36PM] Salsa free throw good, Tech comes out pressing. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. Argh...Atsur pass is taken away, it's just good defense.

[10:38PM] Gratuitous and too-long shot of parents: check. Costner loses the ball, Tech misses a layup, Grant gets a huuuuuuge rebound. We're talking six-u's huge here.

[10:39PM] Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. I'm not enjoying this anymore.

[10:40PM] Courtney Fells!!!!!!! O. M. G.

[10:42PM] Tech goaltends, no call. Layup at the other end makes it a two point game. Costner with a big time three pointer!

[10:43PM] We're up five with the ball, less than four minutes left. I'm freaking out, man. I'm FREAKING OUT.

[10:44PM] What's your favorite NBA League Pass moment?

[10:47PM] Two rather important FTs from Gavin Grant. 60-53. Let's get a stop. Vassallo misses a three after an offensive board. Grant with the rebound...he's been brilliant this half. Under three.

[10:49PM] McCauley with a follow-up layin, Gordon gets two free throws at the other end. Time to eat clock.

Another offensive rebound! Huge.

Costner to a wide open McCauley for the dunk! Much too easy for Tech at their end, so we're up seven with 1:20 to go.

[10:52PM] Gavin gets fouled hard. Nieman comes in for defensive purposes. Whew...Gavin coolly hits another FT. And another. Up nine.

[10:53PM] Rebound to Courtney Fells and he's fouled. We're under a minute. First FT good. Misses the second.

Tech comes up dry again, Fells fouled again. :43 left.

[10:55PM] Aww...Seth Greenberg just picked up a T. That's too bad. That's really too bad.

[10:57PM] Fells is fouled...gets one of two. Up eleven. Washington bricks a three and that will do it, folks!

NC State 70, Virginia Tech 59!

[11:00PM] So I think it's clear the drunken liveblog is lucky. Henceforth, every liveblog shall be a drunken liveblog!

Oh, god, the Pac-10 basketball is starting. Change channel! Change channel!

[11:02PM] My night just isn't complete without a Barry Thompkins appearance. Where's Steve Physioc?