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More Archer

Stories from the Associated Press and Louisville Courier-Journal confirm that Archer interviewed in Raleigh. From the Courier-Journal:

Archer is a candidate for the defensive coordinator job at North Carolina State, and he interviewed for that position this week, UK spokesman Tony Neely said last night.

Archer was in Raleigh, N.C., for an interview on Wednesday, said Neely, UK's director of media relations. He returned yesterday.

That's all we've got from the major media outlets at this point. WKYT reported late last night that Archer had been offered "big bucks," but I've not seen seen that seconded anywhere else. No word on a potential counter-offer of "mega bucks" from UK.

Friday Night Update:

Brooks Unworried After NC State Contacts Archer

UK Defensive Coordinator Mike Archer is considered a top candidate for the defensive coordinator opening at North Carolina State. Archer interviewed for the position Wednesday. Brooks expects to meet with Archer this weekend. "I'm sure we'll have a chance to visit this weekend and see where it goes from there."

Who knows. A UK poster who others assure is like totally reliable says Archer is staying in Lexington:

Just got an email from a good source after I had phoned he or she earlier, not our usual source but a very good source. Said that Coach Archer did talk to NC State but is not going. Take it for what it is worth. This is not recruiting news, so I am not 100% but is from a good inside source.