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NCSU May Want To Hire Kentucky DC; Gleeful Wildcats Fans Pleasure Selves

Earlier today, Pack Pride published a story indicating that NC State may be interested in current Kentucky defensive coordinator Mike Archer. A couple of hours ago, ACC Now reported that Archer has interviewed for the position:

N.C. State football coach Tom O'Brien may be adding a former coaching colleague to his new Wolfpack staff.

Mike Archer, the defensive coordinator at Kentucky, has interviewed for the defensive coordinator position at NCSU, Kentucky athletics spokesman Tony Neely confirmed tonight. Archer coached with O'Brien at Virginia in 1991 and '92 on the staff of former coach George Welsh.

Kentucky fans don't seem too disappointed by the news. Some are very much the opposite of disappointed.

If this happens I am totally going to touch myself.

O-kay then. There is another thread on that message board which says that a local news station is reporting that Archer has been offered the job, but there's been no reaction to the thread, and I've seen nothing on the station's website. Just a bunch of message board hoo haw, most likely.

Archer has been at UK for four seasons. Here is how the Wildcat defense has ranked in scoring defense and total defense in that time:

Year TotDef ScoDef

2003 66 69
2004 102 85
2005 103 107
2006 118 99

I'll say one thing about those numbers--they're certainly, um... numbery. We're going to hire the guy whose defense finished the season ranked 118th? On the surface, this looks like a case of cronyism. Would O'Brien really be interested in someone with this sort of resume if he didn't know the coach personally?