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-- UNC-Greensburg. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, that's who we're playing tomorrow.

-- There won't be a preview of the Spartans here today. In its place: a few bullet points!

-- Here's the Greensburg scouting report. The two names to know are Kyle Hines and Ricky Hickman; everyone else is secondary. Hines is averaging 21.6 points and 10.3 rebounds per game. He rebounds well at both ends, he blocks shots, he doesn't turn the ball over, and he's a pretty efficient scorer to boot.

Hickman does none of those things. He'll shoot from everywhere, he just won't make many of those attempts.

-- Point guard Dwayne Johnson has a pretty assist-turnover ratio (2.1:1), but in fact he's turning the ball over a ton.

-- UNCG has several opponents in common with NC State. They've beaten Wofford and Gardner-Webb and lost to East Carolina.

-- The Spartan offense is bad, but the defense has been okay. They're relying on their FG% defense to carry them, which tells me their defensive efficiency is a mirage.

-- I've got the Pack winning 74-68. Hopefully it doesn't end up that close.