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Barbarism Begins At Home

Box Score

NC StateFour FactorseFG%55.4Turnover Rate19.8Off Reb Rate27.6FTM/FGA30.4MiamiFour FactorseFG%51.6Turnover Rate14.9Off Reb Rate55.3FTM/FGA23.8

How do we allow Miami to grab 55% of its misses when other, far more proficient offensive rebounding teams haven't come close to that preposterous level of success? How does a 6-5 walk-on who came into the game averaging 4 rebs/40 minutes in conference play grab nine offensive rebounds by himself (while NC State had eight offensive boards as a team)? It's best not to ponder these things.

80 pts allowed / 60 possessions = a defensive efficiency of 133.3. Our worst defensive showing in conference play.

Despite this oh so odious outing, I'm keeping the faith. We're going to get to the NIT.