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Duke's New Basketball Stats Website

So I'm at looking for the box score from tonight's game, and I stumble on this:

The website features in-depth and comprehensive statistics of Duke's men's basketball program. The website currently features every boxscore in Duke history since the 1936-37 season. Two of an anticipated four main sections are now available. The season section looks at each team since 1937 and has rosters, team stats, schedule and results and much more. The player section looks at the statistics from each player who saw action in a game since 1937.

"This was a massive project," Duke Director of Internet Operations Curtis Snyder said. "But we wanted to make this public as soon as we felt we had most of the bugs out. This is the culmination of a three-and-a half year project researching and building the website. We want our fans to have access to the most statistical information available about Duke Basketball."

Every box score since 1936...oh man, if NC State had something like this... [/drool]

Kudos to Duke for taking the initiative and putting this stuff out there for the public. You can dig around particular seasons and find things like Danny Ferry's 58-point effort against Miami (23-26 from the field!) in 1988. And you can look for hilarious old-timey names like Cornelius McGillicuddy.

South Carolina's Grady Wallace attempts 40 shots.
Eight Duke players score in double digits, but Duke loses to Wake 122-109.
David Thompson goes for 40 and 14 in Pack's 113-87 win in 1974.
DT gets 31 & 10, Tommy Burleson goes for 13 & 14 on 2-21-73.

Okay, I'm stopping now.