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Georgia Tech 74, NC State 65

Box Score

NC StateFour FactorseFG%55.3Turnover Rate27.8Off Reb Rate28.0FTM/FGA27.7Georgia TechFour FactorseFG%56.7Turnover Rate17.0Off Reb Rate30.8FTM/FGA28.8

First Half:
 eFG% Pts Poss OFF_EFF

NCSU 67.2 43 33 130.3
Tech 58.0 35 34 102.9

Second Half:
 eFG% Pts Poss OFF_EFF

NCSU 36.1 22 30 73.3
Tech 55.6 39 30 130.0

In addition to losing our shooting touch in the second half, we also turned the ball over a lot more and let Georgia Tech start to control their offensive glass...
 1st 2nd

TO% 21.2 36.7
DR% 83.3 57.1

That's a turnover on one out of every three second half possessions. We had 11 turnovers in the second half, they had 11 in the entire game. Georgia Tech grabbed six of its eight offensive rebounds in the second half.