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Let's Revisit

Remember that Providence Journal article I mentioned yesterday? Believe it or not, the part I excerpted was actually the least ignorant paragraph in the whole thing.

Memo to Boston College fans who’ll attend tonight’s basketball game against Duke at Conte Forum: When you win, don’t rush the court.

And you will win.


The reality is that Duke isn’t all that good. In large part because their longtime coach, the legendary Mike Krzyzewski, suddenly seems to be having as much trouble winning games as most people do spelling his name.

Whoops! I love it when sports columnists go with the BOLD PROCLAMATION.

Duke has been underrated and misunderstood all season. And I can't believe I had to write that sentence. Damn you, mainstream media! I'm going to have to wash my hands after this.

I said it when I previewed Duke and I'll do so again: underestimate the Blue Devils at your bracket's peril!