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Liveblog! NC State @ UNC -- Second Half

[10:00PM] We're in it! Go figure.

[10:04PM] Unofficially:

 eFG% Pts Poss Off_Eff

NCSU 51.8 40 35 114.3
UNC 55.2 41 35 117.1
We aren't winning this game without some better defense in the second half. Very encouraging offensive performance, though.

[10:09PM] You know, I just can't get enough Mellencamp. This is our countreeeee. If you hate Mellencamp, you hate America.

[10:11PM] Where's Reyshawn Terry, you ask? Committing a foul somewhere, I'm guessin'.

Sidney Lowe didn't come out of the locker room...apparently he's sick (with glee!).

[10:12PM] Monte Towe is the worst coach this team has ever had! We need the red blazer.

Carolina gets nothing on its first couple of possessions, Hansbrough gets called for a charge (?!).

[10:14PM] Give Monte credit; he does look official. Hope Sidney is okay.

[10:15PM] Three fouls on Big Ben, Heels up by three 43-40.

Great move by Costner in the lane. He's been fabulous. Walk on Hansbrough, mouth agape. Not lacking for oxygen, that guy.

[10:17PM] Second chance points again, dammit. 45-42 Heels.

BC from Winston-Salem, kids. Winston. Salem. 45-45.

Wright scores quickly at the other end.

[10:18PM] Turnovers are killin' us. We've been lucky so far.

Hey, look, Reyshawn finally scored. It only took 25 minutes.

[10:22PM] Gavin makes a bad pass, Frasor gets two more fastbreak points for the Heels. Sidney has been taken to the hospital--it's dehydration.

Pack turns it over again. Crap.

[10:23PM] Thompson gets a put-back, Heels up six. Fells misses a shot, Thompson scores a layup. Timeout Monte Towe with the Tar Heels up 55-47.

[10:26PM] Our mojo left with Sidney Lowe's red jacket. Far too many giveaways this half.

Offensive foul on the Wolfpack, called on Costner--he's got three. We're coming up empty every time. Damn hell ass.

[10:28PM] Holy shit--mark this down: Hansbrough called for traveling in Chapel Hill.

Fells with a three, Wright gets two off an offensive board. 57-50.

Grant right back; gotta box out, boys.

[10:30PM] Wright hits one of two free throws, 58-52. Another NCSU turnover leads to an easy UNC bucket. Goddammit!

Gavin accepts a pass by putting it on his shoe, resulting in a tie up. That's brilliant, Gavin. You know, sometimes I forget how to dribble, too. Of course, I don't have an athletic scholarship. Turnovers have absolutely been the difference this half.

[10:34PM] Down eight... Gavin scores, UNC comes right back.

Fells misses a jumper--stunning! Thompson misses a two, Lawson grabs the board and hits a three. The loose balls are all going to the Heels at this point.

Wolfpack turnover; our ninth of the second half.

[10:35PM] My friend IMs: "Herb never cared enough about UNC to get dehydrated."

[10:36PM] Wow, this sucks.

Heels up 14. "You can call this game over," says Packer. He's right.

[10:38PM] And this is why we drink.

We're under eight, Heels 68-56.

[10:41PM] Man, this is sad. If you're out of town, consider yourself lucky that you can't see this second half.

[10:42PM] Heels up 70-56 with 6:15 to go. We have 16 points in the second half.

[10:43PM] Hee hee. "Coach Boobas."

[10:45PM] "Tar Heels in command." How dare you!

Second chance points. Second chance points. Twenty-two for Wright.

Three from Fells.

[10:46PM] Defense? What's that?

Fells blocked on a layup attempt. Green misses a three, Grant drives and is blocked. Dude, Gavin, what say you pay attention? How 'bout you not drive on Wright?

[10:51PM] Ass. This game now sucks ass.

Hansbrough puts the Heels up 15, Pack turns it over once again. Here, Carolina, have the ball. You're welcome.

Heels score again, courtesy Hansbrough. Ooh, guess what? Another NC State turnover.

[10:52PM] Costner fouls out with a charge. You could give us a break, ref.

[10:54PM] "Wes Miller's in..." I love it when that happens.

We're down 19, less than two minutes to go.

McCauley hits one of two FTs, we're down 18.

[10:56PM] Get bent, Wes Miller. You 27-footer shooting piece of garbage.

[10:56PM] It's final: 83-64 Tar Heels.