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Maryland 85, NC State 70

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%44.3Turnover Rate19.8Off Reb Rate40.0FTM/FGA26.2MarylandFour Factors
eFG%56.0Turnover Rate17.0Off Reb Rate37.5FTM/FGA34.5

-- Everyone can relax--DJ Strawberry found his jumper. It was in the last place he looked. Honestly, I don't know why I even bother writing game previews. "Here is something that Oscar Opponent has been doing all season but will cease doing now that I've pointed it out." Strawberry makin' jump shots, Maryland's offense looking functional...and did Will Bowers shave? That's just kicking me while I'm down, man.

-- Maryland's five best offensive performances in conference play:
 Pts Poss OFF_EFF

1.) vs. Clemson 92 75 122.7
2.) at NC State 85 71 119.7
3.) at FSU 79 69 114.5
4.) vs. Ga Tech 80 74 108.1
5.) at Wake 79 76 103.9

-- Maryland's defensive rebounding was as bad as advertised. Too bad it didn't matter.

-- In our six conference home games the average score is Visitor 79, Wolfpack 67.