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Taking Another (Very Careful) Look At Wake Forest

Scouting Report / Game Plan
Season Stats (pdf)

Wake Forest Offense 06-07Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%51.7105Turnover Rate22.2215Off Reb Rate32.9188FTM/FGA28.868Wake Forest Defense 06-07Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%52.9282Turnover Rate20.9194Off Reb Rate32.4114FTA/FGA37.1183

-- With memory of the Ralph Mims Incident still fresh, I'm adopting a strict mock-free diet for this post. No jokes at the other team's expense, no kidding about certain individuals' poor numbers. Probably. This is harder than quitting smoking (not that I would know about that; hi, Mom!). The timing couldn't be worse, either.

-- The Deacons have the least efficient offense in the ACC, and by a comfortable margin, which you can see illustrated in Big Ten Wonk's handy visual aid. What makes them so bad? In addition to being the most turnover prone team in the conference, the Deacs are also 11th in eFG% and 10th in offensive rebounding percentage. Can't shoot, can't grab your misses--this is a problem better known as Chronic Brick Fatigue Syndrome.

In seven conference road games, the offense has been nothing short of terrible: 0.89 points/possession, including a delightful 0.62 pts/poss effort in Durham.

What I'm not going to tell you for fear of the consequences is that Wake Forest hasn't managed to score better than a point per possession in any road conference game this season. I'm definitely not pointing that out.

-- Fellas, we're gonna hafta have a chat. In conference games:
 FGA/40 %Shots eFG% PPWS ORtg
1.) Anthony Gurley 16.8 30.5 48.8 1.00 86.7
2.) Harvey Hale 15.7 28.6 42.6 0.97 99.1
3.) Kyle Visser 13.8 25.1 54.2 1.17 110.6
This isn't the Anthony Gurley Show. Maybe if you passed a little more often you'd be getting more than 15 minutes a game.

-- Ishmael Smith is 30-70 (.429) from the line this season, 8-23 (.348) in conference play--his field goal percentage is higher than those numbers.

Smith continues his trial by fire in ACC play, and it hasn't been easy for him:
78.1 41.2 0.83 32.2
Lots of turnovers, but he's feeding his teammates a lot, too. He maintains an assist rate that's among the best in the nation and better than any other ACC point guard's.

-- Pomeroy has the Wolfpack winning 79-73, I've got 77-75.