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Beer pong tables tell you a lot about a school.

The NCAA doesn't want you to know this, but the Beer Pong Table Design Coefficient is a major component of the RPI. Keep that in mind the next time you're playing on your ill-suited kitchen table; when you don't take beer pong seriously, everyone loses.

some beer pong on the floor
This is wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. Okay, you don't have a table. But good heavens, y'all, put some distance between those cups. And tighten that rack, junior!

100 cup beer pong
Here we have a non-school-themed table, but I had to highlight it because they're playing 100-cup pong. Hard core.

[The caption on this photo: "our beer pong winning streak was ruined by the stupid police." I hate it when that happens.]

Ranking the best of the best:

MarIst College...the ultimate beer pong table!
A decent effort if a bit slim on the school pride. Hinges allow for easy folding and storage, and they've painted circles for each cup.

beer pong table
Nice, big logo; hinges for easy storage.

beer pong on our homemade table
A simple paint scheme works, too. You can't go wrong with red. Check out my man on the left--that is an egregious elbow fault. I almost pushed this table to the bottom of the power poll for the violation. And is he bouncing it? Looks like he's about to get swatted.

Breakin in the new Beer Pong Table
Similar to #5, but this one boasts a cleaner paint job.

beer pong table at 204 mill = sweet
Bonus for originality here. The Marist logo is made from used bottle caps. We have a couple of beer pong violations which hurt the vibe, however. The blue and red cups aren't of the same manufacture and may not have the same diameter. That's grounds for having the game results thrown out. They're also stacking the cups, and that's a major misconduct.

beer pong table at Mike's House
Well-crafted, solid design with a sweet paint job. This table boldly asserts itself as the permanent centerpiece of the room.