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Having problems, were we?

In the 9th inning of the Wolfpack's 24-4 win over BC yesterday, the Eagles inserted pitcher Kurt Hayer. He...had some issues.

Hayer, K to p for Cozza, J. Lindsay lined out to rf
(2-1). Roskopf singled to right field (1-1). Roskopf advanced to second on a
passed ball. Poulk walked (3-1); Roskopf advanced to third on a wild pitch.
Foschi walked (3-1); Poulk advanced to second. Florio singled to center field,
RBI (1-2); Foschi advanced to second; Poulk advanced to third; Roskopf scored.
Moore walked, RBI (3-2); Florio advanced to second; Foschi advanced to third;
Poulk scored. Jones walked, RBI (3-1); Moore advanced to second; Florio
advanced to third; Foschi scored. Payne flied out to rf (1-1). Jones advanced
to second on a passed ball; Moore advanced to third; Florio scored. Howard
walked (3-2). Lindsay flied out to lf (1-2). 4 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 3

Five walks, two passed balls, and a wild pitch in one inning of work. He has surrendered 19 walks in 8 IP this season, which is 21.4 BB/9. I'm not sure about this pitching thing, Kurt. Can you hit?