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Maryland 79, NC State 59

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%41.8Turnover Rate16.8Off Reb Rate28.2FTM/FGA13.1MarylandFour Factors
eFG%49.3Turnover Rate12.2Off Reb Rate48.7FTM/FGA14.3

-- It's a familiar story at this point: rebound competitively in the first half, have the bottom fall out in the second. Maryland had five offensive boards in the first half and an offensive rebounding percentage around 31%. The Terps had 14 offensive boards in the second and a 60.9 OR%. If we don't get better on the glass, we have no chance whatsoever of an ACC tournament run. Let's hope that the extra rest we're getting before the start of the tournament makes a difference.

-- Maryland didn't shoot well and only scored about a point per possession in the first half. They managed nearly 1.5 pts/poss in the second half (grabbing 60% of your misses and committing just two turnovers will allow you to do that...), however, and finished the game at 1.21 pts/poss. The game ended up being surprisingly slow--about 66 possessions.

-- Brandon Costner took 44.5% of the Wolfpack's shots while he was on the court. It's the highest proportion of shots taken by an NC State player this season.

-- FSU's comeback win over Miami means we end the regular season 10th, a couple of spots higher than expected. That's nice and all, but it also means we'll probably be playing Duke on Thursday, and that's the worst possible outcome for us. I'd much rather be the 11-seed and play someone else. Boston College can make this moot by beating the Georgia Tech tomorrow. Go Eagles! Picture the Jackets making a bunch of puns!