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NC State 63, Drexel 56

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%55.4Turnover Rate17.9Off Reb Rate18.5FTM/FGA26.1Drexel
Four Factors
eFG%46.2Turnover Rate16.2Off Reb Rate26.5FTM/FGA13.2

 Pts Poss Off_Eff Def_Eff
NC State 63 62 101.6 90.3
Drexel 56 62 90.3 101.6
-- That's the fewest pts/poss we've allowed since way back in December. Keeping them off the offensive glass was important since they weren't hitting shots, and we did that. McCauley and Costner both posted excellent defensive rebounding numbers.

-- I can't say enough about our effort at the offensive end. To come into our fifth game in six days and shoot 55% and turn the ball over on less than 20% of our possessions--that's impressive. We've hit over 40% of our threes in five straight games.

-- Were those ACC officials doing the game last night? They were awful (for both teams). In the first half, they swallowed their whistles and allowed anything to go. Drexel took advantage by playing some seriously Duke-esque grabby defense. Then they decided to start calling the touch fouls down the stretch.

-- Going with the hack-a-Shaq strategy paid off huge in the last five minutes. Frank Elegar was nearly unstoppable in the post (and we never made a point to double him) but couldn't hit anything from the line.

-- Ben McCauley air-balled a free throw late in the game. D'oh.

-- BC wasn't as involved in the offense as he was last weekend, but his three point play with less than 90 seconds to go was the biggest of the game. You could see it coming, too. With the ball near the baseline, Elegar (who was guarding him) was cheating to Costner's right-hand side. Realizing this, Costner made a quick spin to his left, got around Elegar easily, took a couple dribbles down the baseline and scored. Sweet move.