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NC State 69, Marist 62

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%53.6Turnover Rate28.6Off Reb Rate34.6FTM/FGA57.1Marist
Four Factors
eFG%37.3Turnover Rate15.8Off Reb Rate29.5FTM/FGA23.8

Pts Poss Off_Eff Def_Eff

Marist 62 70 88.6 98.6
NCSU 69 70 98.6 88.6
-- And I thought the Drexel game officials were bad. I've never sat through a more painful two minutes of Wolfpack basketball than I did tonight. You had to start fouling early, didn't you, Marist? Well, you can Poughkeep on hackin' all the way home, you bricklaying jerks.

-- The Wolfpack hit 7.7% of its threes and 72.4% of its twos.

-- Yay turnovers:
Grant 38.0
Costner 34.4
McCauley 28.0
Fells 21.4
Horner 18.2
Atsur 17.8
-- Dennis Horner didn't miss a shot, be it from the field or the line, and scored 13 points in 15 minutes--34.7 pts/40 minutes. Now that's some scoring punch off the bench.

-- Gavin put forth a brilliant rebounding effort: 12.5 OR%, 22.1 DR%. McCauley was just about as good rebounding at the offensive end, while Costner was excellent at the defensive end. With those three rebounding so well, I'm a little surprised we didn't have a more decisive rebounding edge.

-- Will Whittington launched 16 threes, hitting five. He wasn't just off; we did a good job covering him.

-- The Pack came in giving up steals on 11% of its possessions (263rd-worst in the nation) and gave up steals on 18.6% of its possessions tonight. You might could blame some of them on the officials, but mostly we were careless.

Good To Be Back