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NC State 73, Wake Forest 66

Box Score (pdf)

NC StateFour FactorseFG%55.1Turnover Rate21.3Off Reb Rate23.1FTM/FGA38.8Wake ForestFour FactorseFG%38.0Turnover Rate17.0Off Reb Rate44.9FTM/FGA16.9

-- We need to figure this rebounding thing out. Prior to last night, Wake Forest had posted a sub-30 offensive rebounding percentage in five consecutive conference games, so their offensive rebounding had been non-existent for the better part of a month. But we're here to help!

-- Wake had its best offensive rebounding effort in conference play and its second-best effort all season. The Deacs scored 24 second chance points to our eight, and Jamie Skeen had nine offensive boards by himself.

-- Our last three games:

 OR% DR%
UNC 47.1 83.3
NCSU 16.7 52.9

FSU 40.6 83.3
NCSU 16.7 59.4

Wake 44.9 76.9
NCSU 23.1 55.1

-- That aside, I'm happy. The Deacs were again held to less than a point per possession on the road. We cooled off in the second half and ended up with a blah performance at the offensive end, but it was enough and that's what matters.