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NC State 85, Duke 80

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%64.7Turnover Rate20.7Off Reb Rate34.6FTM/FGA37.3DukeFour Factors
eFG%56.6Turnover Rate24.8Off Reb Rate37.5FTM/FGA18.0

-- The defensive rebounding trend continues. Costner was nothing special on the defensive glass, and neither was the team. We were surprisingly successful at the other end, however; Duke is the best defensive rebounding team in the league. Their oponents averaged a 29.1 OR% in conference play.

-- We scored 1.17 pts/poss, our third-best performance against conference foes this year.

-- From the Technician:

But I had heard the stories – bad language, commander-like orders and motivation skills like none other.

The stories couldn’t have been any more accurate.

At the 15:53 mark in the first half during the game’s first official timeout, Krzyzewski went to work.

"You’re not doing s*** David," he told sophomore forward David McClure. "You’re not running the f****** floor…you’re not…"

It went on for a while.

The funny part is that he does a good job protecting himself. I caught wind of plenty of bad language while sitting directly behind him, but when he talks, the team forms the smallest huddle I have ever seen while the managers squeeze into every other crevice.

Unrelated: News 14's blog has a Gary Williams anecdote.

-- Delicious comedy:

So shut up. Duke's not a dominant team. Are you just now getting that? The rest of us knew it from the beginning, and we love them anyway. We love the fact that you all hate Duke, because the best program in the country for the last 25 years and possibly the best program over a 10-year period in HISTORY is bound to be hated. Thank you for confirming the fact that we are the best. Of all time.

Sit down. Shut up. And be thankful that you're not getting your ass handed to you by Duke this year. Because you will again soon.