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Previewing Marist

Scouting Report / Game Plan
Season Stats

Marist Offense 06-07Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%53.543Turnover Rate18.643Off Reb Rate33.7157FTM/FGA23.4229
Although not as good overall as Drexel, I think Marist is much scarier on paper. The Red Foxes run an offense that is heavily perimeter-oriented: 44.4% of their field goal attempts are threes, the 15th-highest proportion in the nation. And they can definitely hit 'em. Considering that our perimeter D has been average at best and lackadaisical at worst, I am more than a little concerned. Marist doesn't commit many turnovers (and, if I may hit the broken record with a mallet one more time: we don't force any), so they're going to get their looks.

They lean on Will Whittington and Jared Jordan, the team's top two scorers--both average 37+ minutes per game. There's only one other guy on the team getting 30 minutes a night.

Probable Starters:

Jared Jordan (6-2, 187) -- If you want to know why Marist does such a good job taking care of the ball, look no further. Jordan has a turnover rate under 20%, which is fantastic for a full time point guard. He leads the nation in assist rate and has 282 assists on the season. He has a 2.7:1 assist-to-turnover ratio, averages 8.8 Ast/G and 9.3 Ast/40 min (fn. 1). Jordan is also the team's primary scoring option, which makes his huge assist total all the more impressive; he takes a lot of shots himself. And this is not a fast-paced team.

Will Whittington (6-3, 174) -- Seventy-five percent of his field goal attempts are threes and he's hitting 40% from beyond the arc. He averages 10 three-point attempts per game; gotta know where he is at all times.

Ben Farmer (6-5, 193) -- So uninvolved offensively, it's like he's not even there. He'd be a serious Soroye Award candidate were he in the ACC.

Ryan Stilphen (6-8, 222) -- Shooting 60.1% on the season, he's been an efficient scorer in the post. Not much of a rebounder, nor is he a shot blocker. He's the lone starter who won't be firing away from three-point range.

James Smith (7-0, 250) -- Ah, yes, Marist's seven-foot, 250 pound...third-leading three-pointer attempterer? Smith scores with frightening efficiency inside (58% on twos) and outside (40% on threes). He is well behind Jordan and Whittington in scoring, but this is largely due to him getting just 23.3 minutes a game. When he's on the court, he's the number two option behind Jordan. Great defensive rebounder, good shot blocker.


Three guys (for some reason it feels wrong to refer to them as Foxes) get double-digit minutes off the pine: Wilfred "Spongy" Benjamin (6-7, 228), Shae McNamara (6-8, 209), and Gerald Carter (6-4, 185).

Rearrange the letters in "Shae McNamara" and you get He's Maraca Man. Maybe he'll give us a little salsa shake every time he makes a basket.

Marist Defense 06-07Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%49.3132Turnover Rate19.1273Off Reb Rate29.016FTM/FGA34.0113
They don't force turnovers and their interior defense looks suspect: opponents are hitting 50% of their twos.

Predict-O-Meter says Wolfpack 78, Red Foxes 69. Don't know about that.


1.) Quentin Thomas scoffs at your measly 9.3 asts/40, Jared. QT averages 11.4-per-40-minutes.