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Time To Hand Out Some Awards

Now that the regular season is in the books, it's appropriate to start recognizing a few ACC players for what they accomplished this year. Without further delay...

The Ekene Ibekwe Award
For hideous shooting in conference play.

The nominees are...

Keaton Copeland, Miami
John Oates, Boston College
Jason Cain, Virginia
Jerel Allen, Florida State
Mario West, Georgia Tech

And the winner is...

John Oates from Boston College! Oates was truly an exceptional performer this season, posting a 35.5 effective field goal percentage and scoring an unfortunate 0.84 points per weighted shot. You hit some, you miss some, John. That's life. Come on down and accept your award. You can put it next to your Oscar.

The Quentin Thomas Award
For most turnover prone player in conference play.

The nominees are...

Ra'Sean Dickey, Georgia Tech
Ishmael Smith, Wake Forest
Ralph Mims, Florida State
Trevor Booker, Clemson
Ryan Reid, Florida State

And the winner is...

Ryan Reid from Florida State! If there is one thing you can say about Ryan Reid, it's that he's a giver. Some players greedily hang onto the ball when they are handed it; not Ryan. His turnover rate this season was a dazzling 32.4%. Come on down, Ryan.

The Tunji Soroye Hole In The Lineup Award
For lowest possession usage in conference play.

The nominees are...

Tyrelle Blair, Boston College
Dennis Horner, NC State
Tunji Soroye, Virginia
David McClure, Duke
Marcus Ginyard, UNC

And the winner is...

Tyrelle Blair from Boston College! Another Eagle takes home some hardware. Blair was impressive in his invisibility this season, using a mere 8.8% of the team's possessions while on the court. He attempted 23 shots in 262 minutes, or one every 11.4 minutes. You know your role, Tyrelle, and you are always deferential to the ball hogs on your team. Come get your trophy.

The Anthony Harris Award
For worst overall efficiency in conference play.

This is the big one, folks. Your nominees...

LD Williams, Wake Forest
Courtney Fells, NC State
Ishmael Smith, Wake Forest
Lance Thomas, Duke
Jason Cain, Virginia

The winner is...

Ishmael Smith of Wake Forest! In the end, the competition for this award wasn't close. Smith had no peer; not even the trophy's namesake could mount a challenge. A turnover rate over 28%, a 38.3 eFG%, a 44.1 FT%...put it all together and you get an offensive rating of 78.6. You've done Anthony Harris proud and then some, Ish. Come get your trophy.