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Baseball Kills Carolina Dead, 11-1

Austin Johnson's got your recap.

Jones got the Wolfpack offense rolling in the second inning. After back-to-back singles from Pat Ferguson and Ryan Pond, Woodard mishandled a sacrifice bunt attempt off the bat of Poulk. The second baseman bunted the ball hard to the pitcher, but as he turned to throw to third base, he bobbled the ball – leaving everyone safe and the bases loaded. Two pitches later, Woodard gave up just his second career grand slam as Marcus Jones blasted a pitch just over the centerfield wall past the outstretched arm of Seth Williams.

Here's when it is appropriate to sac bunt in the second inning with a non-pitcher: never. But it all worked out, so...meh.

Marcus Jones, who came into the night with a mere five extra base hits, hit a homer (of the four-run variety, you'll note, not one of those rally-killing solo types) and a double against the Heels.