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If you people will excuse me, my car has arrived.

From the Technician:

Dressed in an all-black wind suit, coach Tom O'Brien walked from the practice facility to the Murphy Center, a distance of almost a mile, in the drizzling rain after Wednesday's practice.

"This would be a great day in Boston," O'Brien said, concerning the gloomy weather overhead.

The differences from his flashy-dressed predecessor, who used to be chauffeured back to the Murphy Center and would often cancel media availability whenever it rained, are and will always be fairly obvious.

I'm sure Amato was "chauffeured" back in a golf cart or something--hardly noteworthy--but it's fun to picture him riding in totally ostentatious style, complete with uniform-wearing driver.

"Sir, I just dinged a sportswriter. I think he's hurt."

"Oh for crying out loud, just give him a nickel and let's get going."