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Prep School Issue Hits Georgetown

From the New York Times (hat tip: SportsBiz):

And while [John Thompson III] has been showered with praise for restoring the program’s glory, one of his assistant coaches, Kevin Broadus, is also reaping the rewards. He was named the head coach at Binghamton University on Monday.

What Binghamton officials did not know, and what few have talked about amid this feel-good week here, is that Thompson and Broadus recruited a player to Georgetown who in four years of public high school in Delaware compiled final grades of F in 12 courses.

That player was Marc Egerson, who had a grade-point average of 1.33 in core courses like math, science and English. He passed nine such courses without receiving a grade higher than a C. As a freshman, he even failed physical education.

Egerson prepped at Lutheran Christian Academy. More:

A group of senior Georgetown officials carefully reviewed the circumstances surrounding Egerson’s admission last year, according to John J. DeGioia, the university’s president. That came after a report by The New York Times about Lutheran Christian, in which Egerson’s high school coach said he wondered how Egerson had made it to Georgetown given his low grade-point average and an SAT score in the 600s while in public school. DeGioia defended Egerson’s admission and place on campus.

Emphasis mine.

We have another Vernon Goodridge sighting:

Few assistant coaches dealt with Lutheran Christian and its coach, Darryl Schofield, more than Broadus. He recruited Egerson to Georgetown and nearly landed another Lutheran player, Vernon Goodridge. Goodridge’s mother reportedly wanted him to attend Georgetown, but he decided to go to Mississippi State.

Before arriving at Georgetown, Broadus recruited Maureece Rice from Lutheran to George Washington University. He also helped George Washington recruit Omar Williams, who in his seven years of high school attended three other prep schools that Schofield was part of before Lutheran.

Emphasis mine again.

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