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Ten In A Row For Softball

The Wolfpack swept a tripleheader from cellar-dwelling Virginia this past Saturday, outscoring UVA 25-4. Since April 7th, State has played ten games (winning all of them), including three doubleheaders and the aforementioned tripleheader. Abbie Sims started six games--going the distance in five of them--and threw 39 innings. In one week. I wonder if her arm is sore.

There's usually some comedy to be found in bad teams' numbers, and Virginia is no exception. Opponents are hitting .339/.414/.516 (Avg/OBP/SLG) against the Cavs this season; UVA's offense has only managed a .241/.324/.342 line.

Elea Crockett, who leads Virginia in plate appearances, is sporting a .243/.268/.264 line. No patience, no power. There are a couple of good hitters on the roster, but beyond them it's nothin' but chaff. The team's third basewoman is hitting .165/.300/.202. At least she takes a walk every now and again.

Shifting to NC State's offense, take a look at how much the hitting has improved in 2007:
2004 .251 .319 .357 .676
2005 .247 .325 .363 .688
2006 .233 .322 .370 .692
2007 .274 .360 .452 .812
I expect a deeper run in the NCAAs because of it.