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Wolfpack interested in K-State recruits?


"Me and Mike are a package deal," Sutton said.

Mike, of course, is Michael Beasley, the 6-foot-9 power forward from Notre Dame Prep (Mass.) regarded by some of the top basketball player in the country and the MVP of the recent McDonald's All-American Game.

It appears the transition has caused some coaches to wonder if K-State's incoming freshman class is up for grabs. And, according to Sutton, it might be.

"I spoke with Mike earlier today, and he said there were three schools who would take us," he said.

Which three schools?

"N.C. State, Florida State and USC," Sutton said.

This brings up a number of questions. Does this mean the NCSU staff expects one or more transfers soon? Would we have to revoke the scholarship offers made to our 2008 recruits? Have we no shame? Sutton's comments make it sound like the feelers are going out from the recruits to the schools rather than the other way around, so there's no telling how seriously interested we are at this point. Still, "would take us" is pretty clear.

The profiles of the two players in question: Michael Beasley, Dominique Sutton.

Here's Sutton talking about West Virginia:

"I'd like to visit the school first, I'd like to see it," he said. "Me and the mountains don't get along."

If you'd just take the time, D, I think you and the mountains could work things out.