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You will not be allowed to feng shui your helmet stickers.

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-- Kansas City's GM says Tank didn't mean to spit on that official--he was aiming for that other jerk!

Tyler, a 6-2, 305-pound third-rounder that Edwards said would be more effective at about 295 pounds, enters with character questions, stemming from a 2005 arrest for assaulting a police officer and for an on-field incident in which he spit on an official.

Peterson explained.

"He wasn't trying to spit on the official," Peterson said. "He was trying to spit on an offensive lineman who hit him from behind."

Tyler said the problems are behind him.

"I think I'm a grown man," he said. "A lot of the things I've been through, it's built me. I'm a made man. I'm ready to get to busting heads, man."

"And feast on the goo inside," he added.

Okay, I made that last line up.

Gregg Doyel calls Denver and Kansas City "irresponsible skanks" for drafting players with character issues. Honestly, Gregg, you're not even trying to be taken seriously any more, are you?

-- The Hardball Times compiled a list of college baseball's best hitters. No Wolfpack hitters made the top 25, but Mike Roskopf is in the top 100. He's the only NC State player to make the list. Each player's numbers were adjusted for park and for competition. Roskopf is hitting .319/.383/.612 this year.

-- This is the Coppin State baseball team (hat tip: BBTF). Winless on the season, they're hitting .156 and have been outscored 567-46.