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Attack Of The Killer Ass Bats

BC 2, Softball 0. Beaten by a bad team, shut out by a bad pitcher.

The Pack managed just six hits--all of them singles--against Boston College's Britney Thompson. Thompson's 4.07 ERA seems decent enough, but her peripherals reveal her to be a pitcher far worse than her ERA suggests. Opponents are hitting .277/.346/.482 against her this season. She doesn't strike anyone out, and foes hit her hard (almost 3 extra-base hits per 7IP, including an Eric Miltonesque 1.4 HR per 7IP).

State saw Thompson twice in the regular season and beat her both times, scoring a combined eight runs. So what happened today? Ass bats. They can strike at the worst of times.

Fortunately, I've been watching the White Sox suck for the better part of a month and a half, so I'm used to the phenomenon.