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In the last 18 hours or so, the TOB/Glasper thing has gone from mildly bothersome to highly amusing. Boston College fans are just! so! outraged! Here's more for you, this time from "Bitter Eagle":

This story should absolutely disgust any BC fan and the national media should pick up on it and put TOB into a coffin. He should not be allowed to coach anywhere after what he did. I kind of feel bad for NCST now. They are stuck with this douche and they probably had no clue TOB was capable of pulling crap like this. Thank God the reign of that choke-artist TOB is over.

(By the way, note in Bitter Eagle's links there's a BC blog called Angry Eagle. Toss in For Here Men Are (Angry) Men and you've got one hell of a Triumvirate of Sad Sacks. What's with all the grouchiness? Is it because Manny's hitting .215?)

The N&O got in touch with Glasper last night. He had this to say:

"I have no animosity toward Coach O’Brien," he said. "I’m not bitter about anything or have any hatred.

"He’s a good coach, a phenomenal coach. I understand what he did. From a coach’s perspective, he did what he thought was best for the team. Maybe he knew that it would be his last year at BC and wanted it to be the best year it could be."

There'll be a story in Thursday's paper.

At the Fanhouse, Bill wonders if ESPN is burying the O'Brien story because one of TOB's daughters works for ESPN:

The ESPN networks need content and stories like this are perfect fodder for their series of talking head shows and SportsCenter. Yet no mention of this anywhere outside of Alan Grant's article (and it should be noted that Grant is not a fulltime ESPN employee). Did ESPN bury this story because of the O'Briens?

This is nothing but a hollow attempt to give the story some momentum. You tell me which is more likely:

1) O'Brien's daughter has enough sway to keep the vast--and separate--arms of the ESPN media empire from further highlighting the story.
2) The story isn't as big of a deal as BC fans think it is.

(Dave Sez also has a reaction to the ESPN article.)

[Update 5-2-07 9:45PM: The above link to ACC Now is dead because the N&O removed that post.]