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I'd just finished repressing that.

As we had the year before, we took a double-digit lead into the fourth quarter against Maryland and blew it. I don't remember how much time was left on the clock, but when I close my eyes I can easily put myself back in the stadium--there goes Scott McBrien streaking into the south endzone for the game-tying touchdown. He jogs back to the sideline, takes off his helmet and goes to one knee, waiting for overtime or whatever it is that's to follow.

Maryland's kicker misses the extra point, leaving us up one. I'm thinking this is their karmic comeuppance for handing us three consecutive heartbreaking losses. We get the ball back and TA runs for a first down; the Terps don't have enough timeouts to stop us from running out the clock. This could not stand, of course. A play or two later, TA fumbles, Maryland recovers and then kicks the game-winning field goal.

Four in a row. The Terps leave the field under a shower of soda bottles; a few players, being the great marching band drum-destroying humanitarians that they are, stop and hurl bottles back into the stands.

I'd just as soon forget all of that, but when I saw this picture (which, much to my surprise, I'm in) from the game, I couldn't help remembering.