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If you've got will and a little time...

A couple of good observations from the News-Record's Jim Young:

In the New Haven piece, while it's still not clear when O'Brien informed Glasper he couldn't redshirt, O'Brien comes across as merely an old-school coach, essentially telling Glasper that he won't give him a medical redshirt because the team doc has cleared the safety to play. That doesn't make O'Brien seem like the most loveable guy, but it's much better than being seen as a liar.


It should also be noted that Glasper was one of the players that BC brought to the preseason ACC football media gatherings. That's a strange thing to do if the team had already agreed to redshirt the player, as the piece says BC had elected to do with Glasper.

Bill offers more speculation, this time regarding the case of the mysterious disappearing N&O story:

I can understand the article not making the paper. Things get bumped or delayed all the time. But there is no explanation for pulling the blog post, especially since Alexander had the most unique Glasper quotes. Why would they remove it? Let me speculate, but perhaps TOB and NC State want to put it all to rest and got heavy handed with the most malleable media available. It wouldn’t be the first time TOB (or any other coach) had done that. On a UNC message board there is unsupported speculation that John Swofford himself pressured the N&O to kill the story. That would make sense as it is in his interest that all ACC schools get along.

In order to find out for myself I called and emailed Chip Alexander. No response as of this post.

So helpful, those Tar Heels. On behalf of the NC State fan base, let me extend my deepest gratitude to our Tar Heel friends for their obvious concern. I noticed that a few of the world class douchebags among them have chosen to go to the Boston College message board and pile on with the Eagles's touching, it really is.