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From the Technician:

As Sears sat at her desk, surrounded by red-sweater clad wolves made out of everything from stone to paper mache, she stared at her computer with a look of astonishment.

She had just clicked on a link to the University of Nevada's online gift store. On the screen was a navy blue hat with a very familiar face.

The face on the hat was that of Mr. Wuf, NCSU's official mascot, Sears said.

"To me this is a huge infringement," Sears said as she pointed at a printed copy of the image. "This is the type of thing we'd turn over to legal counsel."

The Nevada item in question:

Old Mr. Wuf:

New Mr. Wuf:

I'd say that's pretty clear. Mr. Wuf wearing a big ol' Nevada hat is weirding me out.